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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries

The biggest advantage of LFP batteries is safety, which is the result of the extremely stable chemical system

AC and DC charger

Vehicles of our assistance fleet have CCS2 and Type 2 chargers

User friendly application

Our service is easily accessible through our ergonomically designed, free application

Do you know the real range of your car?

The range of electric cars displayed at departure can be affected by many unexpected factors


As a result of the lower ambient temperature, the capacity of the battery can be significantly reduced, in addition, the drag of colder air is higher. Rainy weather has an adverse effect on rolling resistance.

Up to -15%

Cooling / Heating

The efficiency of electric motors is significantly higher than that of internal combustion engines, therefore the heating of the passenger cab cannot be provided by the engine's waste heat, so the heating also consumes the capacity of the battery.

Up to -20%


More energy is needed to overcome the higher drag, and when driving at a constant speed on the highway, the energy recovery effect of regenerative braking does not apply either.

Up to -40%